Frequently Asked Questions


This Application is a Cloud based Society community portal to manage various apartment related activities from Raising invoices to collection and tracking with facility booking to meeting invitations.

With Value added services many personal and day to day necessities can be fulfilled right from Groceries to Ironing, Carpentry, Painting and cab bookings.

Below can use our application:

  • Any Apartment / Society which is already functioning and occupied by residents and registered as a Society under Society registration Act
  • Apartment building under construction can use this application for better communication and tracking purpose
  • Apartment / Society which is not registered but fully functioning

There is no right time for any apartment / society for getting this application. Whether fully occupied / Not, and whether registered or not, whether mid of the period or start of the year this application can be implemented any point of time.

For better Finance tracking purpose, if you plan to implement in mid of the year our migration team will help to input Trial Balance upload either at start of financial year or on day of go-live.

We are different in many aspects stated below:

  • Easy to Navigate and with user friendly screens
  • When your world is in one SINGLE screen, stop clicking on Tabs, Drill down menus, searching for options
  • This portal will be your personal assistant reminding your utility bills, tax payments, school fees, investments, Insurance payments and many more – Use our feature “My Commitments”
  • Going rounds, searching web for your basic needs? Try our “Virtual Reception” – Book a cab, request for Electrician, Plumber, Painter and many more with 25+ services at your finger tips with Competitive price
  • No time to Input data? – Our expert team will help out to reach at your convenient time and upload data on your behalf on Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly (All you need is to scribble on the template papers provided by us )
  • Get Multiple and good discounts on your needs – We are tied up with major merchants for a special discount to our Its My Account family members only. Login through our website and purchase what you want with great special offers and discounts from Groceries to Electronics
  • First time ever in this industry, we don’t only take subscription fees, but We generate revenue for your society – Wondering how? Contact us
  • Assurance on Data security with 256 bit SSL Encryption at every web page – Transact and use our web portal without any worries of Data security and Confidentiality – Its safe and assured.
  • 24x7x365 Support by our Customer care team through Virtual Reception option

This application is applicable for residents who are staying in groups and very well be implemented in Gated communities too.

Yes, one of the unique feature is making online payments secured. We tied up with one of the major payment gateway service provider with deep discounted transaction charges. These payment transactions are fully secured with 256 bit encryption.

This application transacts in a very secured layer of 256 bit encryption. Not only this is encrypted for payment transactions but at Each and every page of the application.

No. Your data is fully secured and confidential. We will be having Non Disclosure agreement with each and every society where in Society data / Emails / Phone numbers will not be shared to any one and the same will be used for our customer support members to communicate with members for day to day offers and information purpose.

There is no specific time for implementing our application. Any part of the month or period services can be availed. Our Migration team will help for smoother transition.

If you are member of our application we maintain history right from start to till membership expires. After expiry of term we will retain data for 1 year and later be deleted. This is to ensure, if you come back again old data will be useful.

Apart from regular Society / Apartment management activities, many other services are provided through this right from Groceries to Ironing, Car Pool, Classifieds, Online and offline offers especially for ItsMyAccount family members and many more to add.

  • One of the salient features of our product
  • Say BYE to huge cost spent on Physical Service Desk with minimal staff required for day to day operations
  • One Stop solution for all your day to day needs and necessities
  • One call or mail or online chat with our service desk members, they will help you in getting arranged for more than 25+ services right from Plumbing to cab booking. Few are below:
    • House Keeping
    • Upholstery
    • Cab / Taxi Booking facility
    • Plumbers
    • Carpenters
    • Painters
    • Electrical
    • Movers & Packers
    • All In-house cleaning
    • Landscaping
    • Pest Control
    • Masonry
    • Home Security
    • Pool Cleaning & Many more keeps adding
  • We are tying up with various merchants and vendors to provide BEST and competitive rates to serve our members
  • Inform our service team and forget about it… We ensure, End to End service
  • Full Transparency on the cost and billing
  • Quality of service will be assured from our vendors
  • Payments can be made directly or through us as per member’s convenience

No problem, our customer care team will support for inputting your data on case to case basis with minimum charge based on number of transactions. Just scribble on the paper, take a photo or scan and send to our customer care team, they will process rest and the data will be made available online.

Cost is very meagre. 50Ps a day and Rs. 15/- a month per Flat.

Migration Includes:

a) Non – Finance Related:

  • Member Master Data
  • Maintenance Team Details
  • Regular Vendor Lists
  • Facility Master
  • Asset Master
  • Inventory Closing Balance
  • AMC Details
  • Current Happenings
  • Servant Maid List

b) Finance Related: As of date of Go-live, previous month Closing Trial balance will be migrated. Transactions related to previous months will not be entered by our team. If Needed, Society on their own to input previous months finance data within Finance Module of the Application.


  • 1st July 2015 -> Go-live and Implementation Date
  • 30th June 2015 -> Trial Balance till 30th June 2015 will be uploaded
  • 1st April 2015 -> Finance Year starts
  • All Transactions related from 1st Apr 2015 to 30th June 2015 -> Needs to be entered by Society members themselves.

However, as this is related to Accounts and previous months data. An extra amount will be charged based on the quantity and quantum of work if Society wants IMA Customer support team to enter the data. Note: Data needs to be validated by Society and not responsibility of Customer support team. There would not be any reconciliation activities taken up

Initial SMS of 10 times number of Flats will not be charged and provided as per inclusive pricing. Later on minimum charge you can purchase bulk SMS ranging from 1000 to 10000.

After making payment for further bulk SMS, addition / loading of those number will be done in 2 hours.

  • Another extra-ordinary feature beneficial
  • Our company is working out with various merchants for providing additional discounts more and above what they have in open market
  • This is available only for our members and not to outsiders
  • To avail this discount, one has to login to your portal and Value add services -> Offers zone
  • These offers will be updated on a regular basis by our backend team for better utilization by all members
  • New additions or exciting discounts will be shared on SMS or E-mail based on members opted communication criteria

Yes, Finance Module is integrated and all postings and update happens real time. Users / Members can view their financial statements real time (Balance sheet/ Profit & Loss Account / Trial Balance / Ledger accounts)

Yes. Application is accessible through Mobile / Tab / Desktop

Yes. Facility / Community hall booking can be made online with out dependent from Estate manager or incharge. All the details of the pricing and availability can be viewed through the portal and bookings / cancellations can be made. Real time invoice will be generated and sent via SMS and Email alongside making them available for ever in members personal account section.

Unique feature of the application is to make all information online and real time to every one based on authorizations provided.

Extensive mechanism has been provided to track various Fixed Assets and inventories right from Migration level details, receipts and issues with incharge details along side providing detail reports with date range.

This application is very easy to install and user friendly

Asset and Inventory module of the application will have provision to update AMC details and track service completion dates. For every AMC service due based on reminder number of days notifications in the form of SMS and Email will be sent to moderator.

Yes, robust module of Complaints management has been inbuilt in the application. Any member can track his own complaints raised, Status and closure with detail description. As a Moderator he can able to view all complaints.

To start with and to give high level picture of society finances reports like Balance sheet, Profit & Loss or Income and expenditure account, Trial Balance, Ledger account with group wise and individual wise, Day book, Members Due list etc.

Any new requirements which we get suggestion from our members can be taken up based on importance if that change will be useful for all societies / state. If change requested will be beneficial only to your society, then feasibility study will be conducted before taking decision to implement since it involves significant cost.

We want to ensure our customer care support is approachable and be very friendly. We take utmost care in handling all our member queries.

As of now we are not attaching any SLA for our customer care support team members and try to address all the issues / concerns / suggestions and reply to members ASAP with out any delay. Our main focus will be into Communication management with Members.

Any common document or personal documents can be uploaded and stored with out any storage limit in the application. Common documents which are applicable to all members are to be uploaded by Moderator / Society admin. Personal documents needs to be uploaded by member in their personal section. Application will allow any number of downloads and any number of uploads.

  • Another independent and salient feature of the product adding to our kitty
  • This sub-module acts as your personal organizer or assistant reminding you on due dates for all of your commitments from Apartment dues to your personal investments to events which are linked or not linked to your society
  • Want to remind your LIC policy payment? Your Child school fees payment? Going to a party date? payment of your property tax? & Many others personal commitments  This module enables you to remind before and after the due date based on your preference set
  • Just set for one time with frequency and rest will be taken care by system every year or period automatically
  • Create any number of sub-categories required. No restrictions on the upload data or on the content. Its purely personal to you and secured
  • No one other than the member can access this data
  • Can upload any documents in relation to that category or line… The same link and description along with attachment will be sent to your e-mail on or before due date based on settings
  • Easy to create / edit / change / delete
  • Try once and you will never be leave it

Yes. One of the communication management channel. Adhoc SMS and Emails can be sent to all or selective members from Moderator only through My Residents section and Members Due section.

Exit is also as easy as entry. No contract cancellation charges or inbuilt costs which needs to be beard.

Minimum contract period would be 1 year and extendable. Even if there is gap in renewal, whole of the data can be made available when re-activated again.

Any one can reach to our customer care through Email / Phone ( / +91 888 401 6000) and our executive will get in touch with you for a Demo or high level overview of the application.

Yes, on case to case basis after taking necessary approvals from our management, we can always look into this possibility to support user community and maintain long term relationship.

Robust mechanism has been built to address authorizations.