How Payment Gateway works uses 256 Bit Encryption SSL Certificate which keeps transaction secured NOT ONLY AT PAYMENT LEVEL but EACH and EVERY Page of your application browsed.

We have dedicated stand alone servers to cater your requirements making each and every transaction safe and secured.

All the data entered is encrypted and not made available to any outsider or insider.

We have Disaster Recovery management plan where the data centres are located at different places to ensure timely backup and restoration.

All the personal data entered related to Society or your own will not be made available to any third party.

Payment Gateway Process and Security : We use one of the BEST Payment Gateway service provider to ensure Smoother, Secured and fast settlements turn around time.

Schematic Operation Flow

  • The Customers logs into and accesses the Payment Gateway facilities to pay his payment, real-time. The Customer can view his payment amount at the ITSMYACCOUNT.COM website and then proceed to make the payment.

  • Upon successful completion of the process, the customer is then guided to an Online Payments page where he is presented with option of making a Direct Online Payment using a Credit Card or a Debit Card / Bank Gateway service.

  • The Customer then selects his preferred option of making the payment either Credit / debit / net banking.

  • After validation of payment type data with nodal bank, the transaction will be either processed or rejected. The Customer is intimated of the same instantly and an electronic acknowledgement is displayed which will display his payment confirmation number.

    • Simultaneously success / failure status is transmitted to ITSMYACCOUNT.COM web platform.

  • The Amount collected from the successful transactions will be pooled into the designated collection account of Your Apartment / Society maintained with the identified bank. Transaction amount will be settled to your Society / Apartment Bank account with in 2 working days from the date of payment.

  • Payment Gateway Provider will reconcile the amounts collected against the Payment Instructions issued and provide consolidated Payment Information.

    Simultaneously data is transmitted electronically to ITSMYACCOUNT.COM intimating the success/failure of the transaction.

  • In case of any failures for what so ever reason, customer has to provide the transaction reference number to customer care for reconciliation with Payment Gateway Provider and will be arranging for refund / adjustment.

We offer Very low Transaction Charges and encourage our customers to make use of Online service effectively and with out hesitation on the security front. Below are the charges:

Transaction Type Charges (%)
Credit Card (Visa/Master card)1.9 %
Debit Card (Visa/Master card)0.75% of the value of the transaction. For Transaction amount upto Rs 2000.00
1.00% of the value of the transaction. For Transaction amount more than Rs 2000.00
Net Banking:
SBI & Associates
Other Banks.

Rs.17 per Transaction
Rs.20 per Transaction
Rs.12 per Transaction
Wallets2 % per Transaction